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'Together as One' Ties & T-Shirt Pack

$ 75.00
Unit: 0306215

Just in time for a playoff run, grab the three limited edition ties we designed for our partnership with Columbus Crew SC and we will throw in our super soft Pursuit t-shirt in black & gold too. These are the same ties the players and coaches wear with their Pursuit Custom Suits on matchday to MAPFRE Stadium and as they charter flights for road matches. 


The three ties include a floral tie, plaid tie, and dotted tie in the team's signature black & gold colors. The t-shirt is our signature Pursuit logo tee with a black & gold twist. These items are only sold as a set while supplies last. The t-shirts will be available the first week of November, please request your size in the 'special instructions' area at checkout.  


Quantities are very limited. Available in-store and online while supplies last. Select 'In-Store Pickup' at checkout if you want to purchase online before they are sold out and pick up for no charge. 


We are proud to be the Official Matchday Suit Partner of Columbus Crew SC and to support this club as they fight to bring a championship to our hometown. When we designed these ties in August knew they would arrive in time for the playoffs but did not anticipate they would arrive amidst the most "interesting" week in club history. If you'd like to read our statement on the recent news, you can find it at pur.st/CrewStatement



Tie Details

Material: Handmade of 100% Woven Silk

Fabric Care: Imported, Dry-clean Only

Dimensions: 2.5 in. wide x 58 in. long


T-Shirt Details

Material: Super Soft Tri-Blend (50% Poly, 25% Cotton, 25% Rayon)

Fabric Care: Imported, Warm Wash, Low Heat Dry

Sizing: Unisex, Available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and XXL

**Please request your size in the 'special instructions' area at checkout, shirts will be printed first week of November 


Sold Out

What's My Size?


First, you’ll need a soft measuring tape and a partner to help out. Keep in mind that you’re measurements don’t always have to be perfect—just a good starting point. A good tailor can easily make some simple alterations to get you the perfect fit. If you’re not comfortable measuring yourself, stop by the Pursuit store and we'll be happy to help you.

What's My Size?

  • Step 1: Find Your Chest Measurement

    With your arms at your sides, measure around your upper body, under your armpits and over the fullest part of your chest. That number (in inches) will be the starting point for your jacket size.


    Use your height to determine whether you need a SHORT (S), REGULAR (R) or LONG (L) jacket style. If you’re shorter than 5’8” you’ll likely need additional tailoring to make your sleeves shorter. Guys 6'6"or taller will likely to need a to shop a big & tall store.

  • Step 3: Factor in your body type

    Depending on how you’re built, you may need to adjust your jacket size. If you’re skinny, you don’t need to adjust your size, but may need to have a tailor to slim the waist of jacket. If you’re solid or broad shouldered, you’ll likely need to go up to the next size.

  • Step 4: Find your waist size

    Measure around your waist, just below your navel. Keep the measuring tape snug against your skin, but don't pull it tight. The number of inches is your waist measurement. Slim suit pants will be more narrow in the thighs than typical jeans. If you are not used to wearing your pants 'slim' we recommend we choose the next larger size.

  • Step 5: Find your pant length (inseam)

    Measure along the inner ridge from the crotch to the point you wish the pants to hit the shoe (typically where the heel of your shoe starts.)