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Purple Polka Dot Loafer Liners

$ 16.50
Unit: SS14-LL-1505-OS


Playful, sophisticated, & invisible to the naked eye, HOOK & ALBERT's polka dot collection of true no-show loafer liners are a must have for any season. A mix of staple solid and vibrant palettes are paired with color-block toes and heels, & a strategically placed rubber heel-grip (to prevent sliding in either direction), all engulfed in that same Peruvian pima cotton you've come to love so much.  This no-show accessory may just become your most stylish & best kept secret. Your loafers, your cobbler, & your local sartorialist will thank you.

Even though these are made to be hidden, you may just find yourself deliberately taking your foot out of your loafers more often to shoe people just what they are missing. Oh, and did we mention airport security lines just got more hygenic in the summer months?

Each no-show sock includes:

  • Elastic top band to ensure perfect all-day placement
  • Hand-linked toe for a smooth custom-like fit
  • Unique "y"-stitched contoured heel & strategically place heel grip keeps loafer liner in place & eliminates bunching for a no-show look
  • Breathable Peruvian pima cotton
  • One size fits most (tried + tested on sizes 6 -14)


  • 75% Peruvian Pima Cotton 
  • 20% Nylon 
  • 2% Spandex 
  • 3% Elastic

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      What's My Size?


      First, you’ll need a soft measuring tape and a partner to help out. Keep in mind that you’re measurements don’t always have to be perfect—just a good starting point. A good tailor can easily make some simple alterations to get you the perfect fit. If you’re not comfortable measuring yourself, stop by the Pursuit store and we'll be happy to help you.

      What's My Size?

      • Step 1: Find Your Chest Measurement

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        Use your height to determine whether you need a SHORT (S), REGULAR (R) or LONG (L) jacket style. If you’re shorter than 5’8” you’ll likely need additional tailoring to make your sleeves shorter. Guys 6'6"or taller will likely to need a to shop a big & tall store.

      • Step 3: Factor in your body type

        Depending on how you’re built, you may need to adjust your jacket size. If you’re skinny, you don’t need to adjust your size, but may need to have a tailor to slim the waist of jacket. If you’re solid or broad shouldered, you’ll likely need to go up to the next size.

      • Step 4: Find your waist size

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      • Step 5: Find your pant length (inseam)

        Measure along the inner ridge from the crotch to the point you wish the pants to hit the shoe (typically where the heel of your shoe starts.)