Lavender Premium Suit

Regular price $ 798.00

A soft lavender designed in concert with our Columbus indie folk friends, CAAMP. Inspired by their new album Lavender Days this suit is made from premium fabric with premium construction with a bold curved lapel design. 


Design: The Curved Peak Lapel with Flat Front Pants

Fabric: Premium 4 Season Synthetic Blend

Lining: CAAMP Lavender Days Iconography Lining

Half Canvas Construction: molds to your body over time, stands up better to wear and dry cleaning

Soft Shoulder: for a natural, 'unboxy' appearance

Waistband: thin rubber grip to help your shirt stay tucked and the 'v' flex split to allow more comfort when seated 

Fit: Slim (tapers in the coat waist, sleeves, and through leg)

Length: our only suit pants sold with a finished bottom, aka ready to wear without needing tailoring though they can be shortened as much as needed or lengthened up to 2" by a tailor

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